**Trial of Christine Keeler Brief:**



**Hair Colouring No’s**


Dip dyed



Crazy Colours

Any unnatural dyed colour

Hair Colouring Yes

Completely natural with no colour at all

Block dyed so just one natural colour all over

Platinum bleached blonde, block colour


**General Hair No’s**

Chemically straightened hair ( can’t get a curl into it )

Straightening Irons : on day of fitting or filming hair not to be previously straightened with

straighteneing irons

Hair extensions including any weaves, bonded hair etc

Very short shaved areas

Short under layered bobs

short spiky hair

Very long hair

Long fine dead straight hair

Long thick hair


**General Hair Yes**

Shoulder length with some long layers

Bobs ( not undercut so too short)

Shortish hair enough to put a rollers into like a shampoo and set look etc

Clean bone dry hair


**Other No’s**


Tattooed brows

Ear plugs

Body piercing including multiple holes in ears

Acrylic Nail extensions

Fake tans


**Black Afro Hair**

Afro Hair No’s

Hair Weaves


Bonded hair or wigs


Too short


Part dyed in ares


**Afro Hair Yes**

Descent Length


Layers can be tonged and with enough length to put a roller into

Natural brown or black



Hair No’s

Shaved areas of hair

Short and spiky hair

Very short layered styles. Especially short layers on front hair line, crown and top of head

Shaved or very short layers going right up the nape.

Hair coloured unless natural all over colour with no roots showing

Short / shaved sideburns

Hair Yes

Long on top but must def be enough on top to put a parting into

Long layers all over

natural colour

Clean hair on fitting and filming day


**Other No’s**

Not prepared to wear a moustache or be clean shaven


Body piercings

Dyed hair

Other Yes

All beards on S.A.’s requested to be kept for fittings so moustache can be created

Clean shaven unless requested to keep moustache at fitting and on filming day

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