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 Sexy Beast 


To get started please click the link below and apply. 

Please fill this profile application as much as possible.


The more photos and details the better! 

Please also order a DBS if possible. They cost £18 and last 18 months for tv and film work. We can then book you on more work as they are required when working with children on set. You can order a basic DBS here:

Once you have been approved we will need you to upload your passport copy for proof of right to work in the UK.

Please ensure you have your measurements correctly filled in, this is a period drama so people will be chosen based on their suitability for the costumes the production have available. Its important you are precise.

We need to be able to see your current hair style so please upload a front back and side selfie to the below slots when in your profile:

Current Look: Front 

Current Look: Side 

Current Look: Back 

Please note that you will only be considered for Sexy Beast once your profile is complete. You will not be an employee of crowd casting by signing up. All work is undertaken on a self employed basis.

The rates being used on this are the equity pact rates. People earn between £111 and £200+ depending on what they do in a day. 

Covid testing is required for this shoot but you will be paid for taking them too.

Commission is 20% + applicable VAT

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