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Please simply respond with ‘Available for (Production and date)’ or Unavailable. (I don’t usually ask you to respond if unavailable, but it would help me to know where I am at.

From there I will try my best to let everyone know on a broadcast that the people successful have been chosen and to release yourself if necessary.


Sometimes this doesn’t happen for a number of reasons so if you get offered work elsewhere, just get in touch to check where it’s up to so that I have cause to chase it.

I’ll be able to give you an answer hopefully. General rule is if you don’t hear anything it’s a no but if I haven’t put out a message that it’s all been cast then please get in touch.

BOOKINGS and PENCILS will ALWAYS be a direct message or a call from me telling you when you are booked or pencilled! If you don’t have this from me or you aren’t sure just drop me a text. If I have you on a pencil please get in touch before releasing yourself. In case it’s turned into a booking .

Where references are used, please make sure you quote them when notifying me of your availability. I also use these for accepting bookings and receiving call times so make sure you use them.



NEVER EVER use two agents on one job!

If I have asked if you are available for a job or asked if you are ‘WITH ME’ on a job then please stick to this, stick with Norf and ignore all other requests.

If you are the type to put it out to a few then see who gets the booking then please do not apply for Norf work as you are likely to give yourself a bad name and me a headache. I will be removing people in the future for this. If you think your chances are better elsewhere just say it from the start and we won’t have issues but stick with me on a job and I’ll always try my best to get you as many days as possible.

If you get a booking request from another agent after committing to Norf then just tell me, I’ll tell the second and they will book with me. Other agents send out big lists of dates to secure people but the reality is that you can’t always do blocks of days. I speak with the seconds and try to find out what exactly they need and when in order to not waste time.




I will always check this but I need this in order to ensure continuity requirements. I will absolutely not represent people trying to do this through to agents.

For EMMERDALE it’s a 6 week break between bookings (sometimes five is ok) so don’t respond if you’ve been on within that. Also between Corrie and Emmerdale they want a clean 4 week break. We get regs on Corrie so you can return sooner just talk to me about this.


Make sure the date on your DBS is within the last 18 Months ENHANCED OR NOT!

Enhanced disclosure don’t last within the industry, update service needs clarifying, some do and some don’t. We do check these and it will lose you work if it’s not in date.